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Private Cloud Solutions

1. Commence & Strategize

inRsite will begin with gaining an understanding of your business and I.T. pain points by conducting a Customer Questionnaire.  We will perform a full audit of existing technology, configurations, and security issues.  Lastly, we’ll gain an understanding of your other I.T related Vendors, statistics, and other metrics.

2. Project Planning and Management

inRsite will create a SOW to define project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines during the service transition.

3. Fulfillment

inRsite will implement all activities stated in the SOW including all Service Requests, Asset Management, and Service Desk.

4. Resolution

We will provide continuous monitoring and patch management, service metrics and reporting, quarterly IT assessments, and transition all service and technology management to inRsite.

5. Continuous Partnership & Teamwork

inRsite will provide continuous communication by keeping you and your business up-to-date with new innovations and technology that will help your business continuously succeed.